Abstract Los Angeles: A Personal Sign

Abstract Los Angeles is an on-going collection of photographs taken as I wander about this sprawling metropolis.

Today’s installment is all about the personal touch, or the signs that people etch on the world, to leave their mark.

A face hidden on the side of a train car, in The Travel Town Museum, a place to walk around, and climb aboard steam trains preserved for history, at north end of Griffith Park near the intersection of the 5 and 133 freeways.

Mr. Merv Griffin at his final resting place, but continuing on his wonderful sense of humor, in The Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, near UCLA.

I have no idea who Judi Parks Craven was, but I wish I knew her in life. At The Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, near UCLA.

By the side of Beverly Blvd., dwarfed by the spiked fence, rusting metal and barbed wire, sits the Virgin Mary, for some unknown reason, looking out over the sidewalk.

On the barred window of The Bicycle Kitchen, a community project to repair bicycles and keep them on the road, is a heart made from a broken bicycle rim, with the window reflecting Heliotrope Drive, near Los Angeles City College.

To whom this may concern,
Sorry my car didn’t want to turn on, therefore couldn’t move today Wednesday for street cleaning.
Thank you,
Mercy Jimenez

There was no ticket under the wiper blade, but the parking enforcement might not have stopped by, so there was no way of knowing if they were merciful today.

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