Abstract Los Angeles: Nature

Abstract Los Angeles is an on-going collection of photographs taken as I wander about this sprawling metropolis.

Today’s installment is all about the random interaction between Los Angeles and nature.

North of the town of Azusa, up in the San Gabriel Mountains, is The East Fork of the San Gabriel River. On this river are the remains of bridges and roads that were washed away in 1938. In this photo is part of a destroyed bridge at the beginning of a five mile hike to Bridge to Nowhere.

A monolith, standing in the middle of a dry unnatural lake bed created by a man made dam, in the hills above Brand Park, Glendale.

Looking up and out of the dry lake bed, toward the falling sun, above Brand Park, Glendale.

A dog wanders in the concrete expanse of the Los Angeles river, near Main Street.

A Sea Lion just about to break the surface tension of the water at the Redondo Beach Marina.

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