Beautiful British Cuisine: Now Better

Fish and Chips, the most fabulous thing the British ever gave the world.
(remember: gin originated in Holland)
And my local chip shop just made it a whole lot better.
Impossible, you say,
no it isn’t,
just read on…

But first I must say something about the fish.
I don’t eat it.
I really don’t like it,
(although for some strange reason, I do like it raw)
So instead of fish, I get the sausage.
And there is the choice of battered or non-battered variety.
Battered is what it sounds like, they dip the sausage in batter before deep frying so there is a crispy golden coating around the sausage.
I order the battered version, just for my heart.
And then there’s the chips, which are well; um chips.
You would say; they have been around forever, impossible to improve upon.
You would be wrong.
All you need to do is batter that chip,
then deep fry it.
Yes, you heard it,
dip that chip in batter before deep frying.
With a deep orange color, and it’s crispy crunchy outside,
there is really nothing better.
And I know it’s good for me,
because every time I eat one,
I smile.

Stepping into the chippie,
“Battered sausage and chips please”
“Would you like traditional or battered chips?”
“A bit of both please.”
And this is what you receive,
to be eaten on a sunny afternoon in the park.

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2 Responses to Beautiful British Cuisine: Now Better

  1. Slinky says:

    this does not surprise me…not at all.

  2. primo says:

    yummmm. And the deep-fried mouse doesn’t even seem gross…
    OHHH, sausage (banger?) you say! Battered and fried chip. did I say yummmm already? All with a bit of malt vinegar and salt. For the heart.

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