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Story Salon: The Bookshelf

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This story was read aloud at Story Salon (.com) on Wednesday, June 19, 2013. The Bookshelf      I’d wanted to tell you a story about a bookshelf who, like the Luddites, went out and hideously destroyed all the Kindles.      But Beverly has this thing about us telling true stories, so I’ll tell you a […]

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Porque Estamos Aqui Nosotros

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[This is a story created to be read aloud at the Story Salon reading group in Studio City, Los Angeles.]      When I was young I went to university in England. In the city of Canterbury to be exact. It is a three-year school, which took me four years to complete, which is another story […]

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Mr. T in an Elevator

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This is a story read aloud at Story Salon.      It hadn’t been a good day, then Mr. T stepped into my elevator.      I was working as a motorcycle courier in LA and had met a few celebrities. Drew Carey once answered the door in his bathrobe and Val Kilmer saw my motorcycle and […]

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Story Salon: Interlandi

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This story was read aloud at Story Salon (.com) on Wednesday March 17, 2010.      I met Frank Interlandi when I began working at a bar in Laguna Beach called The Saloon.      Every morning Frank would begin his day by drinking at the Marine Room Tavern, and shorty after 12 o’clock, he would walk […]

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Story Salon: Her Majesty’s Prison Only

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This story was read aloud at Story Salon (.com). ——- Her Majesty’s Prison Only           I was walking with my camera, as I do. It was mid-October 2009, and I was in Southern England, specifically in a city called Exeter, a beautiful city with a cathedral, thousand year old city walls […]

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