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Exeter’s (Boring) Underground Passages.

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      It’s the only underground tour in the whole of England, our guide says. And I was excited. My imagination rolled with so many things to be seen underneath the city of Exeter. There are 2000 year-old Roman walls scattered about the city, so underneath must be even more exciting. There would be rats and […]

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My New Favorite Bookstore

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[RNLI = Royal National Lifeboat Institution]

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The Rumors of the Death of British Pubs…

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…has been greatly exaggerated. Before leaving California, I noticed a few newspaper articles announcing that 1 in 4 pubs had closed last year. I also read a couple articles that inferred it was the death of the pub. And just before I left Michaeleen said I should do an article about pubs before they die […]

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Beautiful British Cuisine: Now Better

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Fish and Chips, the most fabulous thing the British ever gave the world. (remember: gin originated in Holland) And my local chip shop just made it a whole lot better. Impossible, you say, no it isn’t, just read on… But first I must say something about the fish. I don’t eat it. I really don’t […]

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A Pleasant Day in Exeter

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It all begins with a view of my parents town of Lympstone. Running up the center is the main throughfare of town, known as ‘The Strand’, with The Swan Pub on the right and the only store in town in the bottom left corner. The train drops us day trippers off at Exeter Central station […]

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London: A Different Camden Locks

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     I remember Camden Locks being dirty and dangerous. Not dangerous to me, because I had the look, and walked the walk. But dangerous to those uptight Thatcherites in their public school clothing.      This was almost 20 years ago now, but I remember the leather jackets, (which I wore), the alternative band t-shirts (I had Jesus […]

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