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Before I left, I heard horrible stories about drugs, but I have not come even close to experiencing any problems.  A local told me it was probably not a good idea to go wandering in the countryside around Zacatecas.  Because of the crack down on drug dealers, they were just moving out into the country. […]

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At The Quince Letres I sat next to Claudia, a young female lawyer in town. We watched her friend, sitting on the other side of the table, do shot after shot of Tequila. I asked for a vocabulary lesson from Claudia, and because she had spent some time in France her English was better than […]

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Cerrado Guadalupe

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I went to Guadalupe today. It is strange how the picture in your head is sometimes very different from reality. I was expecting a small town out in the middle of nowhere. With a small rural community and a huge church dominating the landscape. I expected it to feel reverent, somehow monastic. It was nothing […]

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God rejects Virgin Visit

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    Upon waking this morning, my feet itched.     No I don’t have some sort of Mexican foot disease.     I needed to get out of town for a little while.     Go for a meander on the motorcycle.     I contemplated where to go, and decided on a visit to the virgin. She is a very famous virgin who […]

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Las Quince Letres

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October 31, 2008. Los Quince Letres     On Friday night, October 31, I walked down to my local greasy spoon restaurant for dinner. It is a large, white tiled space, with whole chickens roasting in the window, and man chopping up beef for the tacos, and coolers holding Pepsi and beer. On each table is a […]

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Don’t Mix…

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Don’t mix gin, beer and tequila. Damn am I hung over. I just went to my morning breakfast dive restaurant, as I have no idea what anything is, I am slowly working my way down the list under eggs.  This morning was scrambled eggs with ham and a side of refried beans, chips and tortillas.  […]

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Livin’ in Zacatacas and stuff

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I just thought I would drop a line and say hello. I have decided to stay in Zacatacas for a couple months.  On Friday I moved into a small apartment run by the Hostel Villa Colonial, I now have my own kitchen and balcony with a little desk overlooking the Cathedral in the center of […]

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Mina el Eden

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October 24, 2008 Mina el Eden Entering an old mine is always exciting.  The cramped spaces, the feeling of danger, that the whole world about to crash down upon your head.  As a child I was afraid of going down mines.  But I did it, but was constantly nervous, looking up and the ceiling and […]

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Dangling from the Heavens

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October 17, 2008 Dangling from the Heavens Friday was a quiet day; I slept in, read my book, and played some solitaire.  Around noon the hostel manager stopped by and told me that the other room with the good view was available.  Would I like to switch?  So I moved to the penthouse suite, the […]

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October 15, 2008 PEMEX Before leaving Parral, I stopped at the gas station. “Hola” I say. “Hola” She returns. “Lleno (SP?) Por Favor.” (Fill up please) I check the oil while she fills up the tank. All gas stations are owned by the government and are called PEMEX.  It’s all full serve, and almost all […]

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At the Mine

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October 14, 2008 At the Mine In the morning I hear the marching band again.  The horribly discordant marching band.  I wonder what they are doing.  They were out playing last night, as the rain poured down.  They must be dedicated, but for being so dedicated they are horrible.  Horrible like when I played trumpet […]

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Creel to Hidalgo de Parral

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October 13, 2008 Creel to Hidalgo de Parral Do you remember two days ago, when I was complaining that Copper Canyon was not as beautiful as I thought it was going to be? Well, the motorcycle ride today made of for all of that. I think I need to go out on a limb and […]

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