Earth Photographs from Gemini III, IV and V

    Wandering about the local thrift shop, I came across two books I could not pass up. The first one was published in 1967 by the Scientific and Technical Information Division and the Office of Technology Utilization by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
It is officially designated as NASA SP-129.
[The second book is NASA SP-171 Gemini VI through XII.]
It is a collection of photographs taken from Gemini III, VI and V missions between March 23, 1965 and August 29, 1965.
From the Acknowledgments page:
     “The idea of publishing a volume of color photographs originated with Robert R Gilruth, Director of the Manned Spacecraft Center. Its publication is an effort to fulfill the part of NASA’s charter that calls for full and prompt dissemination of scientific information. It is hoped that various scientific disciplines and other public interests will have a multitude of uses for these Gemini photographs.”
     -Willis B Foster Director Manned Flight Experiments Office.

Here are a few of the photographs.
Thanks NASA, they’re beautiful.

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