Los Angeles Street Art: [Fragment 5]

On a sidewalk in Culver City, with a paranoid look over the shoulder.

In an alleyway beside the Garment District, surrounded by the smell of urine.


Just off Hollywood Boulevard, a young man holds a machine gun while proposing that ‘Violence Solves Nothing.’

Near the Garment District, drugs are not allowed outside the restaurants.

‘Do Not Hump’ the train cars in Travel Town, Griffith Park.
[No, it doesn’t mean what your dirty mind thinks, ‘Humping’ train cars is to sort them, like mail, by using a small hill, or hump, to help push them on their way.]

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1 Response to Los Angeles Street Art: [Fragment 5]

  1. Ron says:

    I love this post. I have always wanted to compile a series of photos of a certain situation. The situation is… all the signs are in English, and then only some of the signs are translated into Spanish. So, the whole menu is in English, and then the only sign in Spanish is “Manger does not have access to safe,” or “Restrooms are for customers only”. Once you start to look for it, you see it everywhere, or at least you did when I first arrived in LA in 2002.

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