Molested in Tree Shaded Daylight

Last Thursday I was molested in tree shaded daylight.
After visiting Book Cycle, where I picked up another Terry Pratchett and a well-used and beautiful 1950’s Roget’s Thesaurus, I was now sitting in Exeter’s Cathedral Green with my bacon sandwich from Marks and Spencer.
The white intermittent clouds completely missed the suns rays so I sat under a tree to avoid the warmth. The green was filled with relaxing University students and I thought nothing bad could happen.
Until I was approached and pounced upon by a local resident.

It wasn’t so much the attack that bothered me,
but the others in the park just watched,
giving no attempt at help.
Some even smiled.
I was able to click a few photographs of the attack,
and have decided to subject my attacker to public humiliation,
rather than police action.

But be warned;
some of the images depict violent scenes.

Then, after rubbing herself all over me, purring in my face, and promptly wolfing down the offered piece of bacon, she trotted off to another luncheon group, with her tail in the air, and never a look back.

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2 Responses to Molested in Tree Shaded Daylight

  1. Slinky says:

    ay chihuahua! hola senor gato….comes mi jamon, entonces, no me molestas!

  2. Santiago says:

    Well look what you were wearing, you were totally asking for it. Besides, it looks like you were enjoying it.

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