I finally found a market so I don’t have to visit the Soryana.
Soryana is the only large grocery store in Zacatecas and it is owned by,
damn it,
I visit it because they are the only ones with pasta and sauce and soup and other stuff like that.
But in my wanderings on Tuesday I came across its replacement.
My new store is near the town center, vaguely near my home and even though they are much smaller, have all the stuff I need.
Yea! No more Wal-Mart.

But the important part of this story:
Against the wall in my new store is a rack of pantyhose (stockings, tights) and they have the greatest name for a beauty product ever.
Drum Roll….
The name:
Dorian Grey

Upon which I added my own little tag line:
“Pretty as a picture”

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  1. Jolene says:

    That is such a good name and tag line.

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