San Francisco Abstract: Look Down 1

At intermittent times, when visiting and wandering about the city of San Francisco, little pieces of the city show themselves to my lens.

For some reason San Francisco is a haven for sidewalk signs, they abound in the city, sometimes with a stencil and spray paint, sometimes with chalk.

“I do that with him for money so I can afford to do this for you with love.” Spray painted signs on the sidewalk of San Francisco.

“Thanks for nothing hippie.” Spray painted signs on the sidewalk of San Francisco.

Buddha face painted in the cross hairs of sidewalk design at an intersection in San Francisco.

A Dragon, or the Loch Ness Monster spray painted next to a traffic signal junction box on the sidewalk of San Francisco.

“Poop” scratched into the concrete on a sidewalk of San Francisco.

Don’t be afraid of the ghost coming out of the sidewalk in San Francisco.

2 Responses to “San Francisco Abstract: Look Down 1”

  1. Paula says:

    I never knew how much I was missing until I broke my leg! These are some great pictures. I need to go back to San Fran and keep my head down.

  2. Thanks! It seems like San Francisco is all about the sidewalk art, while LA is all about the wall murals.