San Francisco Abstract: Look Down 2

At intermittent times, when visiting and wandering about the city of San Francisco, little pieces of the city show themselves to my lens.

For some reason San Francisco is a haven for sidewalk signs, they abound in the city, sometimes with a stencil and spray paint, sometimes with chalk.

It’s always time for pie! Chalked near the Panhandle and Upper Haight, San Francisco.

A simple sentiment -War Sucks- scratched permanently into the sidewalk near the Upper Haight, San Francisco.

Don’t let the Man get you down. Just remember that ‘They Own You’, (whoever the hell ‘they’ are) near the Lower Haight, San Francisco.

The simple outlines of a face, created in chalk on the asphalt in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

For some reason, the idea that even the bicyclists stenciled onto the ground have helmets, makes me smile, in a rye sort of way.

Show me the Hand? Somewhere on a square of concrete in San Francisco.

‘And then the cops came’ which is the perfect ending -or beginning- of any story.


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