Seven Photographs: Los Angeles Freeways Flowing at Night

Sometimes, when I am not stuck on the freeways fuming like my car, and can look down on them and see the flowing lines, interconnecting, and think, for a moment, that they are beautiful.

Looking south over the 101 freeway, on the bridge at the base of Mulholland Drive. Cahuenga Blvd is on the right, leading down to the Hollywood Bowl.

On the York Blvd bridge, overlooking the 110 freeway, with the San Gabriel Mountains in the background, and tiny lights at the top of the mountain, which is Mount Wilson and its observatory.

Looking north along the 101 freeway, with Cahuenga Blvd on the left and the entrance to Mulholland Drive.

The entrance to the 110 freeway at Fair Oaks Avenue.

Looking south over the 101 freeway, at Barham Blvd and Buddy Holly Drive.

The 110 freeway, looking south, on the Avenue 52 bridge.


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