Six Photographs: People on the Streets of London [Part 1]

    While wandering the streets, especially in foreign lands, I love to watch the people, the way they move, the way they dress, the way they smile, and they way they stand.
    This collection is the people of London, taken in early December 2009, as I see them on the street.

High above the Thames, near the center of London, is the line that is the center of the world, (for time at least). This line and sculpture, pointing due north and south, straddled by tourists, IS Greenwich Mean Time.

One of the two Golden Jubilee Pedestrian Bridges that straddle the Hungerford Railway Bridge over the River Thames. A popular place for snapshots over the water, while innocent husbands look on.

A juggler stands with his back to the Tate Modern Gallery, watching the people and the Thames pass by, with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background.

Posing for the camera-phone on the Millennium Footbridge, connecting (among other things) The Tate Modern Gallery and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Skateboarding on the steps that lead from the Millennium Footbridge to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Taking photographs of people taking photographs on the steps between the Millennium Footbridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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