Nothing exciting has happened in the last few days.  I picked up a cold and spent the last two days curled up doing nothing.  This is in the city of Douglas, Arizona.  Sleepy desert town.  Quiet and pleasant.

I will be hitting the Mexico border in an hour or so.

Below is a thought from the road between Globe Arizona and Douglas Arizona:

“Adopt Highway”
“Adopted by….”
There is a sign that says this every few miles on the back-roads of Arizona.  In town the road is adopted by families, restaurants and car dealerships.  But while riding outside of town for miles and miles and miles through the flat high desert, looking at the dry washes and the scrub brush and the mountains in the distance; the signs change in character.  “In Loving Memory of Danny Wongo Hernandez”  “In Loving Memory of Lucy Tellez” “Brad Denny Always in my Heart Love Jenny”
Some of the signs have garlands of flowers wrapped around the supports.
And then the next sign said “Available”.
Out there in the middle of the desert I smiled, but there was also a slight shiver.  It felt like the sign was calling to me, like it needed a death to make it whole.  But that sounds way to serious, it was not a Stephen King Movie, where the music suddenly becomes fearful.  It was just me driving throught the desert, with an active imagination.
It was just a little strange.
I also realized that I did not want to spend the rest of eternity as a ghost picking up trash on a deserted road in nowhere Arizona.

And a few pictures of a cemetery on the same ride:

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3 Responses to Slowly

  1. Dad says:

    Pictures looks so peaceful – like to be buried there.
    ps Sold the Jag (£3,000!!!!)
    Love Dad

  2. Slinky says:

    dammit Ben, aren’t you in Guadalajara yet? :)

  3. Distracted…
    drinking tequila in Creel…

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