Spring in Los Angeles

        Spring has arrived to the Mt. Lowe trail.
        Two weeks ago the trail was quiet, the occasional bird chirped as it flew overhead. Today there is a buzzing that grows and fades with the flowers crowding the path. It’s the bees, humming along with themselves, staring at the open flowers, and climbing aboard for a little pollen.
        Two weeks ago the land was gray and brown, with the leaves and sticks of the shrubs sharp and harsh. Today there are purple flowers that look like miniature tulips –I wish I knew the names of plants- and green bushes surrounded with a halo with yellow tufts. The colorful plants grow tender leaves, the soft touch of spring, rather than the hard crust of winter.
        Two weeks ago the bushes shrank from the path, keeping themselves away from the walking humans. Today the soft green plants reach out, brushing their leaves upon the thighs and calves as we walk past.
        Two weeks ago the birds were far away, with only black silhouettes in the sky. Today a blue jay sings its way across the path, setting up a perch on a nearby tree. A hummingbird –wait, there’s another- stands still in mid-air, considering which flower to insert it’s syringe.
        Two weeks ago, the sun was sharp and strong, with shadows hard on the brown earth. Today, it’s Southern California, so the sun is sharp and strong, with shadows hard on the brown earth.
        I, like many others, complain that Southern California does not have seasons. And it is true, we don’t have the snow, or the humidity, or the drastic change in sunlight.
        But sometimes, in subtle ways, there are intermittent moments of change, even here in Los Angeles.

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