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The Meet Rack

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The Meat Rack      In the third bar of the evening, a young man dropped his pants for us.      On the right cheek was a red welt, about the size of a half dollar. Rod said he got it from God. Now, for the rest of his life, he got his drinks half off.      It seemed […]

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Southern Arizona Photographs

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After riding north through the center of Mexico, I crossed the border at Douglass Arizona, and headed west, keeping south of the 10 freeway. Here are some of the photographs. Riding along route 80 I happened across the leftovers from an industrial city, which I found to be called Bisbee.  There is something wonderful about […]

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Nothing exciting has happened in the last few days.  I picked up a cold and spent the last two days curled up doing nothing.  This is in the city of Douglas, Arizona.  Sleepy desert town.  Quiet and pleasant. I will be hitting the Mexico border in an hour or so. Below is a thought from […]

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Arizona Rain

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There are days, like yesterday where I wonder why I ride a motorcycle.  But then there are moments, like yesterday, that make it all worthwhile. In a car, the occupants are aware of the weather, but in a detached sort of way, like trying not to park your car over a puddle and get your […]

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The Journey

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I awoke at 1 AM this Sunday morning already hung over.  Saturday morning was spent taking pictures of the Prescott Arizona Rally.  It began raining hard about noon, which made the 11 miles of dirt road on my 30 year old street bike, um, interesting.   And the 20 miles back to the hotel a […]

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So It Begins

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“Marvelous night on the Atlantic.  This hour when the sun has disappeared and the moon has just barely been born, when the west is still luminous and the east is already dark.  Yes, I’ve loved the sea very much-this calm immensity-those wakes folded under wakes-these liquid routes.  For the first time a horizon that measures […]

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