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Abstract Los Angeles: Store Front [Fragment 6]

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Abstract Los Angeles is an on-going collection of photographs taken as I wander about this sprawling metropolis. Today’s installment is all about the storefront, or should I say advertising, to bring the customer, and their money, inside. Some sort of giant bobble head doll, stands outside a car wash, on Beverly Blvd. The Virgin Mary […]

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Naughty Monkey Left High and Damp, and Other Photographs

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Helena relaxes for the winter in Lympstone Harbour dry dock. Naughty Monkey left high and damp by the retreating tide. Don’t forget to visit The Globe: Thursday is Fish and Chip night. Horses are limited to 40 mph on the rural roads. [and on a completely useless side note; England has half heartedly embraced the […]

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Convento de San Francisco

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Five blocks from the Cathedral Central, left at the fork in the road with the always dry fountain, is the remains of the Convent of San Francisco.  It was a convent from 1593 to 1857, and left for dust until thirty years ago.  Standing outside the main entrance is a post, with an English description […]

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Before I left, I heard horrible stories about drugs, but I have not come even close to experiencing any problems.  A local told me it was probably not a good idea to go wandering in the countryside around Zacatecas.  Because of the crack down on drug dealers, they were just moving out into the country. […]

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