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Road to Alaska: Section VII

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Down to Size       It didn’t take very long to settle down in Alaska, through my bartending job at the Captain Cook Hotel, I instantly made some wonderful friends. There was Matt, who had worked as a bartender, but who now ran a used bookstore down the street. There was Paula, who also became a […]

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Road to Alaska: Section VI

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The Motorcycle       When my motorcycle coughed, sputtered, coughed again, juddered, coughed a few more times, and finally rolled to a stop by the side of the road –half way up the AlCan- I thought it was because my motorcycle was jealous. Jealous of the cute little Yamaha 100 I had rented in Nepal the […]

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Road to Alaska: Section V

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A Week Early       One afternoon I stopped at a gas station that was definitely in the middle of nowhere. My bike was at 75 miles from the last fill-up, 75 miles from the last gas station and I was beginning to wonder if another gas station would ever arrive.       The gas station sat […]

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Road to Alaska: Section IV

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The AlCan: Middle of Nowhere       The phrase –The Middle of Nowhere- is thrown about with consummate ease. To some people New Jersey is the middle of nowhere, while to others it is the middle of the Gobi desert. To me, it’s where there are no people around, or on a straight open road.       […]

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Road to Alaska: Section III

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Alaskan Humor and Wildlife      Classic Alaskan joke:       What is the state bird of Alaska?       The Mosquito.       When the people in the bar found out I was new, they almost fell over each other to tell me this joke. I didn’t get it at first, so they had to explain. “You know, ‘cause […]

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North to Alaska: Section II

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Romance      Alaska is the last place in the United States I wanted to live.      No, wait, read that the other way around.       I had lived in the four corners of this country; I grew up in Southern California, summered in Manhattan and Portland and spent over a year in New Orleans. I felt that […]

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North To Alaska: Section I

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That Sensation      I left San Francisco on May 3rd, 2001, heading north. A familiar feeling arose in my gut, a simple and powerful sensation. The feeling of movement, freedom. As the bridge opened up, and the tarmac sped past under the wheels of my motorcycle, I looked up –north- toward somewhere new.      The first time […]

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The Meet Rack

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The Meat Rack      In the third bar of the evening, a young man dropped his pants for us.      On the right cheek was a red welt, about the size of a half dollar. Rod said he got it from God. Now, for the rest of his life, he got his drinks half off.      It seemed […]

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The Pub on Top of Croagh Patrick

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     A night of heavy drinking is horrible training for mountain climbing.      We knew we were going hiking the next day, so the problem was not sipping Guinness in the pub.  Or the three locals we met.  Or the shots of whiskey we bought each other.  But that moment of decision, the moment when the pub […]

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Finding Hope

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     I awoke late and hung-over on September 12, 2001, and I needed some hope.      The previous day, while visiting Home Depot in my hometown of Anchorage Alaska, a man in the check-out line started babbling that someone had blown up New York City.      He was just one of the paranoid nut-jobs who had moved to […]

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Comida in Zacatecas, Mexico

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In parts of my life, I seem to be surrounded by foodies.  Those that click on the television and watch the food network with zeal.  Some of the shows are interesting, but there are a few which are just food porn.  When the presenter describes, in detail, the flavor difference between different lemon rinds for […]

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Calderon Theater, Zacatecas, Mexico

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It always makes me cringe when I see something like this.  The five little girls twirling on the stage, music playing in the background, tutu’s wrapped around their waists, all performing the same dance, but each to a slightly different beat in their heads.  The surreptitious side glances, when they get lost, to the other […]

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