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12 Reasons to Drink (Corona) Beer

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So today we visited the Corona Brewery near Zacatecas. It’s a huge place, the guide intoned that it’s the second largest brewery in the world, after Coors in Colorado. The first three minutes of the tour was in English and Spanish, the rest in Spanish only.  So there are only a few nuggets of information […]

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Dancers Exporting Fear and Laughter

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In my room, trying to work, but my mind is wandering, too much coffee with my Adobada tacos this evening. This town is usually noisy, there are constantly events in the town center.  Every Thursday night a brass band plays on the steps by the fountain, on most Friday or Saturday nights, there are people […]

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Convento de San Francisco

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Five blocks from the Cathedral Central, left at the fork in the road with the always dry fountain, is the remains of the Convent of San Francisco.  It was a convent from 1593 to 1857, and left for dust until thirty years ago.  Standing outside the main entrance is a post, with an English description […]

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