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Comida in Zacatecas, Mexico

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In parts of my life, I seem to be surrounded by foodies.  Those that click on the television and watch the food network with zeal.  Some of the shows are interesting, but there are a few which are just food porn.  When the presenter describes, in detail, the flavor difference between different lemon rinds for […]

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Calderon Theater, Zacatecas, Mexico

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It always makes me cringe when I see something like this.  The five little girls twirling on the stage, music playing in the background, tutu’s wrapped around their waists, all performing the same dance, but each to a slightly different beat in their heads.  The surreptitious side glances, when they get lost, to the other […]

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Las Quince Letras: A Moment

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Tuesday night, ten o’clock, sitting at the end of Los Quince Letres’ bar, the stools are mostly filled, and the people sit at the tables and sing along with the jukebox. The jukebox is playing something in Spanish I don’t recognise, a ballad, something Frank Sinatra would sing. And it reminds me, of working at […]

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La Quemada – or – 1300-Year-Old Ruins in Mexico.

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Between the cities of Zacatecas and Jalpa runs a 100 mile long valley called Malpaso.  The valley is about 20 miles wide, with mountains running down each side.  Through this valley runs route 54, a mostly small twin lane road following the flat valley floor.  The land is high desert – 8,000 feet – with […]

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Hangin’ From a Thread

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A few months ago, upon my daily walk up La Bufa, I stumbled across a thick cable that ran from the parking lot, over a valley filled the dirt-scraped-from-the-ground-scarred-remains of a mine.  Next to the cable was an open-air hut, but there was never anyone there, and no obvious reason for the cable.  I assumed […]

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12 Reasons to Drink (Corona) Beer

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So today we visited the Corona Brewery near Zacatecas. It’s a huge place, the guide intoned that it’s the second largest brewery in the world, after Coors in Colorado. The first three minutes of the tour was in English and Spanish, the rest in Spanish only.  So there are only a few nuggets of information […]

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Dancers Exporting Fear and Laughter

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In my room, trying to work, but my mind is wandering, too much coffee with my Adobada tacos this evening. This town is usually noisy, there are constantly events in the town center.  Every Thursday night a brass band plays on the steps by the fountain, on most Friday or Saturday nights, there are people […]

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Convento de San Francisco

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Five blocks from the Cathedral Central, left at the fork in the road with the always dry fountain, is the remains of the Convent of San Francisco.  It was a convent from 1593 to 1857, and left for dust until thirty years ago.  Standing outside the main entrance is a post, with an English description […]

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Walking with Jesus, by Happenstance

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My days in Zacatecas are spent sitting at a desk:  writing, adjusting with photoshop, playing solitare while listening to audio books or reading.  Usually at noon I wander to the market for food, but other than that, there is no exercise.  Finding myself a little soft in the middle, I try to walk daily up […]

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I finally found a market so I don’t have to visit the Soryana. Soryana is the only large grocery store in Zacatecas and it is owned by, damn it, Wal-Mart. I visit it because they are the only ones with pasta and sauce and soup and other stuff like that. But in my wanderings on […]

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La Club Mina

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Saturday November 01, 2008 [This post is a continuation of the post called ‘Las Quince Letres‘ ] Saturday night at 10 I was sitting in the lobby of the hostel.  At dinner last night the German and the Englishman (for simplicity sake I will call them Hans and Simon) made plans to visit the disco […]

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Filling the Bathtub

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Ok, this post has nothing to do with traveling in Mexico. Are you one of those people who like watching the bathtub fill with water, more than actually taking a bath? Do you enjoy watching the sand sift through an hour glass? Then whatever you do, DO NOT, visit this website and play this game. […]

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