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Family Resemblance: Birds at Legg Lake

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Driving south on Rosemead Blvd, looking for the 60 East.

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I Went to East LA College to Photograph a Soccer Game…

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Assignment: Photograph and write about Pasadena and East Los Angeles college soccer game. Outcome: Extra photographs I don’t know what to do with… The only place for free speech is next to the garbage? Juxtaposition is an interesting thing. Artificial grass makes unnaturally straight lines. More juxtaposition: Moonrise beside United States and California Flag.

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Motorcycle Photographs: Gears and…

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While in the process of repairing my XS750 Yamaha motorcycle [there is a picture of it here] I got bored, so I played with my camera instead. The gear that translates the power from the starter to the driveshaft. The clutch cage, with the seven wear marks on the edges of the arms, from the […]

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Matt, The Cat.

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Just because.

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Sir Richard Burton Quote

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This quote is from the book ‘To The Holy Shrines’ by Sir Richard Burton, published in 1853. Restlessness The thorough-bred wanderers idiosyncracy I presume to be a composition of what phrenologists call ‘inhabitiveness’ and ‘locality’ equally and largely developed. After a long and toilsome march, weary of the way, he drops into the nearest place […]

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