Kew Gardens, London

The infamous Kew Gardens is about to celebrate it’s 250th year.

Kew has always been on my list of places to visit, not because of the vegetation, but because of the history.  Everywhere in the world I have traveled, it seems there were pioneers there, 200 years before me, that were sent by Kew, or were collecting specimens for Kew.

It must be one of the largest storehouses of plants in the world.

And I realized that most of my pictures are of the buildings that house the plants in Kew, so I felt a little guilty, and put some pictures of a couple plants.  And a picture of the poisonous yellow snakes scattered about the gardens.

The Palm House

The Waterlily House

Looking out the Palm House, into the rain.

Looking inside the Palm House, from the elevated walkway.

Looking outside the Palm House, from the elevated walkway.

Underneath the Palm House

Outside the Palm House

Outside the Palm House

Just pretty.

Naked little boy statue, inside the Temperate House.

Spiral staircase, inside the Temperate House.

The elevated walkway of the Temperate House.

View south, from the elevated walkway to the side house of the Temperate House.

Um, it’s a flower.

And this one’s a leaf.

The mechanism to open and close the windows.

Side view of the Temperate House.

It’s a tree, they seem to have lots here.

Very dangerous and poisonous yellow snake.  These were scattered all about the grounds, luckily for us they were all asleep.

Looking down the Cedar Vista, toward the Japanese Pagoda.

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