Six Cemetery Photographs: By Death to Ease

On the outskirts of Exeter sits a cemetery immense with it’s perfectly squared walkways and monuments lined up like tract homes.
At one end are the older monuments, weathered, and classic, angels standing over the fallen dead.

Clear on the other side, with clean, sharp and crisp markers, some with fresh flowers, sits those who died in service of the country.
Standing above these white markers is a cross, with sword at the ready.

On the outskirts of Lympstone sits John England:
The Memory of
John England
The beloved son of
Thomas and Anna England
Born April 18th, 1844
Died April 15th, 1852

Affliction sore long time I bore.
Physicians were in vain.
Till God did please by death to ease,
my sorrow, grief and pain.

Hanging in the middle of the cemetery next to Dark Lane, in Budleigh Salterton, are three reminders of continuing life: watering cans to keep the flowers alive.

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