600 Years of the Lympstone Church Tower

On September 24th 2009 the tower of the Lympstone Parish Church celebrated it’s 600th birthday.
To put that in some sort of comprehension, that’s 6 years before the Battle of Agincourt, which, 200 years later, Shakespeare describes in his play Henry V.
I don’t think that I comprehend that amount of time, so as a distraction here are some pictures of the celebrations.
The first five pictures are on Sept 24th, of the official ceremony at the church, and the ringing of the bells.
After that, on Sept 26th, the Royal Marine Band began their show outside The Globe Pub. They marched up The Strand -which is the main street through Lympstone- to play a few songs in front of The Swan.
Once done at The Swan, the whole village followed the band up The Strand to a field next to the church for a beautiful sunny afternoon to celebrate the history of the church at the village fete.

Sept 24, 2009.

Sept 26, 2009.

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