Abstract Los Angeles: Random Moments of Industrialization

Abstract Los Angeles is an on-going collection of photographs taken as I wander about this sprawling metropolis.

Today’s installment is from random moments in the life of an industrial city.

Along side the Los Angeles River, stands an electrical pylon, with the sunset glowing in the distance.
In Downtown Los Angeles, and old entryway, once used for Justice, is now closed.

A shopping cart, in an attempt to be free, bogs down in the high grass.

Hidden down in the concrete of the Los Angeles River, sits a small water shoot, with a rusting hatchway.

The sun rises just below the air conditioner, just off Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

Hidden behind an industrial warehouse, sits a table and chairs, for a quiet cup of coffee or a smoke break, with Tweety Bird.

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