Abstract Los Angeles: Uncategorizable

Abstract Los Angeles is wandering about, without a thought, looking at the details that make up this huge metropolis.

Today are photographs that fail to even vaguely fit into a category.
Lost, you could call them.

A pair of cameras, or eyes, overlook an empty street in a momentarily colorful warehouse district.

I can’t help but say it, despite my whole body screaming with horror in cheesyness.
“Love holds the building together.”
Ok, now I need to wash my mouth out.

And finally, love, abandoned, covered with dust, locked behind metal, slowly warps in the sun.

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1 Response to Abstract Los Angeles: Uncategorizable

  1. Sarahliz says:

    I’m unconvinced, given the arrangement, that the first love picture is really load-bearing love. I think it may just be love decaying and staining the building with its run-off.

    (Sorry, I guess I’m just the sort of cynic who goes looking for ways to undermine cheesiness.)

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