Anchorage, Alaska: Fur Rondy: True Fur Hats

    In 1935, when Anchorage Alaska had a population of 3,000, and winters meant hibernating with a fire and cartloads of wood, there began a festival.
    A festival set in February: the dead of snow bound winter.
    It was called The Fur Rendezvous, or shortened today to The Fur Rondy.
    This festival was timed to coincided with the miners and fur trappers coming down from the hills to sell their winter goods.
    Now it is a time to celebrate the snowy winter, with dog sled racing, a parade, beer can softball, snow carving, and maybe a shot of whiskey or twelve.
    But despite all the modern Interpretations, there is still one thing that has not changed, and that is the fur auction, and the men with their hats.

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