Cerrado Guadalupe

I went to Guadalupe today.
It is strange how the picture in your head is sometimes very different from reality.
I was expecting a small town out in the middle of nowhere. With a small rural community and a huge church dominating the landscape. I expected it to feel reverent, somehow monastic.
It was nothing like that.
I thought it was 15 miles from Zacatecas, but it is actually about four miles away, and a suburb.
It took a while of riding down small streets before finding the Church.
In front of the church was a large square, with graffiti on the central bandstand.
I went to the museum next door and the gates were locked.
There was a two paragraph sign on the gate, which the only part I could read was Cerrado, 13-18 de Noviembre.
So it was closed for the next week.
I decided since it was so closed, to return next week, when things were open.

P. S. On a completely side note, I climbed on the motorcycle and began riding off and there was a weird tug, or hinderance just as I started off.
I looked down at the front tyre and saw my lock, which I wrap around the tire and front forks broken. The lock had snapped with the force of the acceleration.
I guess that was a useless lock.
It was the barrel type, where there are four seperate barrals that spin around, each with 0-9 on it.
I think I will buy a different type of lock next time.

P.P.S. It costs 40 pesos to repair a flat motorcycle tire.

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