Don’t Mix…

Don’t mix gin, beer and tequila.
Damn am I hung over.
I just went to my morning breakfast dive restaurant, as I have no idea what anything is, I am slowly working my way down the list under eggs.  This morning was scrambled eggs with ham and a side of refried beans, chips and tortillas.  With coffee and a bottle of water it was 46 pesos.  Which is about 3.50 USD.
Last night was a good night, I began watching CNN sometime in the late afternoon, sipping some gin and cucumber.  There is a fruit stall down the street which sells cups of chopped fruit, so in the morning I had bought a cup of cucumber.  The lady asked if I wanted some sort of red sauce on my cucumber.   It seemed wrong, so I said no, then she asked if I wanted salt on my cucumber.  I again refused.  Then she asked if I wanted fresh lime squeezed over my cucumber.  I said yes to that.
I ran out of gin sometime between the calling of Ohio and the closing of the polls on the west coast, so I headed next door to the hostel to buy some beer.  The beer is in a fridge on the tiny mezzanine level, next to the television.  There were a few people sitting around watching CNN, including the German gentleman who I went to the club with the other night.
I joined them and drank beer.  There was a young man from Eastern Europe and we got in some sort of political argument, I am not sure what it was about, as things in my brain were getting a little fuzzy by this time.
Just as the polls closed in California, CNN called the election for Obama.
I smiled, that was a good thing.
McCain’s concession speech was good; he looked relaxed and comfortable, as if a great burden was released from his shoulders.
It was an amazing moment to see Jessie Jackson crying.
And then Obama spoke, and I have to say, it was one of the most inspiring beautiful speeches I have ever heard.  Ok, it was late, and I was drunk, but I definitely had extra moisture in my eyes.
That was an amazing point of history.
The German said that the speech was a little boring, and everyone looked at him wide eyed.  The rest of us agreed that it was an amazing moment and a historical speech.
The gentleman in charge of the hostel, every time I stumbled by to go outside to have a cigarette, grabbed my hand and shook it vigorously and congratulated me.  I am not sure if he was congratulating me, or Obama, or the United States in general, but if felt good.
When paying for my beers, I had a shot of tequila.
Why does it always seem like a good idea to do one last shot before going to bed?
I woke up hearing voices, and quickly realized that the TV was still on.
Nothing intelligent will emanate from my brain today.

This morning I looked up Prop 8, the one trying to ban gay marriage in California, it seems like it will pass.  Last night I had hope that things were going to get better, that human beings were not all evil.  But this brings me back down again.  I would like to think that it is the last gasp of the hate-full Bush presidency, but I cannot really believe that.  I will stick today, after some hope from yesterday, to being Benjamin the Donkey from Animal Farm.

And on a completely different note, my e-mail is working again, when the server crashed, it somehow reset one of the settings, and so I was still receiving e-mails, but could not enter to read them.

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  1. Slinky says:

    oh good….I’m glad you are getting your emails…it made me sad to think of my incredibly witty banter going out into the interwebs never to be seen again

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