Five Photographs: Hmm

In England after the traffic light has been green, it goes to yellow then red; as it does in the United States. But after it has been red, the yellow lights up for a moment with the red, to give the rider a moment to take off the hand brake, and put their horse into gear; before galoping off when the green light comes on.

Sometimes all you need to protect your house, is a baby dragon.

There is a legend in Exeter about the headless pedestrian. That he was struck and killed many years ago by a speeding three-wheeled Reliant Robin after too many pints. (Him, not the Robin), and lost his head. He now wanders the streets, making whistling noises from his neck to help pedestrians survive a simple crossing.
The city has kindly painted a portrait of this headless pedestrian on a walking and bicycle path along the city walls.

In the alleyways next to the center of Exeter, eyes watch.


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  1. Coby Burns says:

    I like this set! Interesting :o)

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