London Abstract Photographs: Faces of Stone [Fragment 2]

In December of 2009 I spent six days wandering about London, just looking with my camera.

In the center of London, next to the theatres, is Leicester Square. The square was filled with carnival games impossible to win, cars spinning in puke circles, and the statues stood quietly looking on, displaying no emotion.

At the main entrance of Paddington Station, London, where the trains both end and begin their journeys, stands a double-life-size statue of lovers, sometimes parting, and sometimes embracing, depending on my mood.

Underneath the statue of the lovers at Paddington Station, surrounding the pedestal, are bronze carvings of life in London. I found them beautiful, but I don’t remember the underground ever looking like that.

Just off the Fulham Palace Road, an angel stands before a cross, pointing out that the person buried below is at rest, in Hammersmith, London.

On the Embankment, a woman -in bronze- stares out over the River Thames, from the memorial of the Battle of Britain, London.

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