Seven Photographs: Lydford Gorge [Part 2]

Lydford Gorge is a Valley on the edge of Dartmoor, sandwiched between Devon and Cornwell in Southern England.

My mother and I visited it one afternoon, between December showers, and I can’t describe how beautiful it is,
so here are some more pictures.

The trail led along the edge of the valley, looking down to intermittent views of the forest below.

Then there was the stream that fed the White Lady Waterfall.

Then a decision had to be made, an my mother, being the adventurous one, took the more difficult path.

The ‘Short and Steep’ path.

Which we were rewarded with at the bottom was the White lady Waterfall itself.

At the bottom, the fall leaves stuck to the submerged rocks, as the waterfall made the only noise in the valley.

And there was green, green everywhere, in between the falling water.

Click here to visit Lydford Gorge [Part 3]

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