Stone Circles, Sherlock Holmes and the Rain at Grimspound [Part 1]

     In this continuing adventure of walking on the moor, we had left my mother and I suceeding in only two of our three goals.
[For the first adventure click here: The Devon Moors: Walking Near Two Bridges, [Part 1] ]
    We had found beautiful scenery, more than enough to make the stunningly beautiful seem ordinary again. Until rounding another corner and something amazing shines into view.
    The ground was soaked, so my second reason, to break in my new wellies, worked perfectly.
    But the third, to find the hut where Sherlock Holmes slept in The Hound of the Baskervilles eluded me.
    So today we were heading for the stone circle at Grimspound.
    That’s such a great word Grimspound: a pound of grim.

    The weather was worse today than it was on our other journey to Dartmoor, but we set out anyway, there is really no way of knowing what the weather will be like in Dartmoor until you get there.
    It rained most of the way, as we wound back and forth down the tiny lanes, with the green rolling hills on either side and the rain pattering on the windscreen.
    But maybe a half a mile from Grimspound, the sun came out and so did the rainbows.

    And the scenery did not need the help of rainbows to make it beautiful.

    But as I stood by the side of the car, clicking away at the green and gray surroundings, the rains came back, and so we continued driving on the road, past where we were supposed to stop to see Grimspound, which we saw no clues on how to visit and drove on, wondering what to do.

    Shortly we came across the main road through Dartmoor,

    and decided the only reasonable thing to do was to have a cup of coffee at the nearby Two Bridges hotel.

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