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Six Cemetery Photographs: By Death to Ease

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On the outskirts of Exeter sits a cemetery immense with it’s perfectly squared walkways and monuments lined up like tract homes. At one end are the older monuments, weathered, and classic, angels standing over the fallen dead. Clear on the other side, with clean, sharp and crisp markers, some with fresh flowers, sits those who […]

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Photography: Fulham Palace Road Cemetery

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The Fulham Palace Road Cemetery, London.

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A Day in Creel

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October 11, 2008 A Day in Creel There was a warm shower when I awoke, which was nice because the night before it only a thought of it being warm.  Last night while walking to the bar, Alex the hotel manager said he would give me a map of the area and tell me the […]

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Nothing exciting has happened in the last few days.  I picked up a cold and spent the last two days curled up doing nothing.  This is in the city of Douglas, Arizona.  Sleepy desert town.  Quiet and pleasant. I will be hitting the Mexico border in an hour or so. Below is a thought from […]

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