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Abstract Los Angeles: Faces

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Abstract Los Angeles is an on-going collection of photographs taken as I wander about this sprawling metropolis. Today’s installment is all about created faces; sometimes with spray paint, sometimes with fur, or plaster, or maybe even metal. At the intersection of two small streets, somewhere on the south side of West Hollywood, or maybe the […]

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London Abstract Photographs: Faces of Stone [Fragment 2]

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In December of 2009 I spent six days wandering about London, just looking with my camera. In the center of London, next to the theatres, is Leicester Square. The square was filled with carnival games impossible to win, cars spinning in puke circles, and the statues stood quietly looking on, displaying no emotion. At the […]

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Los Angeles Street Art: [Fragment 2]

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Kermit the Frog and Jim Henson on a metal shutter protecting a glass storefront on Hollywood Blvd, near Hollywood and Highland. Detail of mural on Hollywood Theatre, Hollywood Blvd near the 101 freeway. The Blues Brothers adorn the outside of a coffee shop, which is part of the Days Inn on Hollywood Blvd near the […]

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Six Photographs: People on the Streets of London [Part 5]

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    While wandering the streets, especially in foreign lands, I love to watch the people, the way they move, the way they dress, the way they smile, and they way they stand.     This collection is the people of London, taken in early December 2009, as I see them on the street. With a little blur, a […]

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