The Beach at Budleigh Salterton

My grandmother, who is 93, lives in the town of Budleigh Salterton.
Studly Balterton is what we called it as children.
The beach of this sleepy seaside village is completely covered in stones.
It makes a strange noise when the small waves rush up on the shore, something similar to a maraka, or one of those long sticks that hippie types turn upside side down to create white noise.
It is a good place to sit and stare out to sea, despite the hard stones underneath your ass.

This last photograph is a panorama, please click on to enlarge.


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4 Responses to The Beach at Budleigh Salterton

  1. Coby Burns says:

    Gorgeous photos Ben, especially love the panoramic one. I miss the weather in UK.

    PS – Damn that CAPTCHA catches me up every time…

  2. Cat says:

    Great pics again, my gran also lives in Budleigh, she is 90, I expect they know each other!

  3. Looked again at your other pictures of Budleigh. Enjoyed much.

    Two other poems in my blogspot have a link to Budleigh: The disappearing boat and Station. In the case of the former, Budleigh beach was always in my mind. Station was triggered by another station, deep in rural England or Wales, but for my blogspot, I chose the picture of Budleigh station – must have been not too long after the closure.

    As a child, I recall not only Budleigh beach and picnics there, but travelling on the train up to London – going through Otterton (the station for East Budleigh), Newton Poppleford, and Tipton St Johns before reaching Sidmouth Junction!

  4. Thought I’d given my blog address when I made the comments here and on Dark Lane – which was such big part of my life.

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