10 Photographs: Typically England

Typical bench, in a typical park: London.

The incredibly thin doors, which are the spectator entrances to the Fulham Football Grounds: London.

Walking toward Exmouth along the estuary of the River Exe. Devon.

The walking path from Lympstone to Exmouth: Devon.

The continuing path from Lympstone to Exmouth, next to the once-every-half-hour train tracks: Devon.

Flying kites in the park at Exmouth: Devon.

Barbie stranded in the low tide in Exmouth: Devon.

The sun finds a way through the British clouds, looking out from Lympstone Harbour on to the estuary of the River Exe: Devon.

A tree holding the edge of the cliff together overlooking the estuary of the River Exe: Devon.

The same tree as photographed above, but a view looking south from the beach: Devon.

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