San Francisco Abstract: Extra 1

At intermittent times, when visiting and wandering about the city of San Francisco, little pieces of the city show themselves to my lens.

Today is all about the pieces that don’t fit into a neat category.

Abandonded military steel door set in concrete for a past war that never arrived. Near Fort Mason on the San Francisco Bay.

Down near Market Street, hidden in a street little used, on the frontage of a building being recreated, stands a remembrance to Dress Up, San Francisco, California.

There must be, in every collection of photographs, a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California.

At the end of the Panhandle, leading west toward Golden Gate Park, a warning in the asphalt about the Death Monsters Ahead. San Francisco, California.

On Lower Haight, at the intersection with buses and trams, a seemingly infinite collection of cables and wires split the sky, San Francisco, California.

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