Six Photographs: South Devon Cliff Walk [Part 1]

On the south coast of England, in the county of Devon sits the small town of Exmouth, on the mouth of the River Exe. Exmouth has a long famous sandy beach. At the extreme eastern edge of this beach are the cliffs.
This photo series follows an afternoon walk along the beach, up the cliffs, down to Sandy Bay, and then as the tide drops, back along the beach, to watch the sun drop over the English Channel.

Groins, yes they call them groins, are wooden barriers built at intervals on sandy beaches, to keep the sand from washing away.

It’s easy to see, looking down on a groin, which way the current moves the sand.

When the sand comes to an end on Exmouth beach, and the cliffs block the way forward so the path climbs up to the grassy headland.
On a side note, the British Government has made most of the coast line a protected zone, so no new buildings are allowed. There are hundreds of miles of pathways along the British coast, quietly waiting for your footsteps.

Looking down on the erosion of the cliffs, with a metal walkway to reach the beach currently covered by the tide.

Looking east, with the spit of land in the distance owned by the British Military, and used as a training base. Gunfire is sometimes audible from miles around.

Looking down on a quiet beach, as the clouds slowly move along the English Channel.

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