Southern Arizona Photographs

After riding north through the center of Mexico, I crossed the border at Douglass Arizona, and headed west, keeping south of the 10 freeway.

Here are some of the photographs.

Riding along route 80 I happened across the leftovers from an industrial city, which I found to be called Bisbee.  There is something wonderful about abandoned industrial sites, being both horribly disgusting and beautiful.  Somehow the discarded waste of our despoiling this plant is beautiful.

I assume this was large water tank to sift the material taken from the nearby pit.

An abandoned trading Post.
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Self portrait in abandoned Trading Post window.

Fence guarding the abandoned Lavender Pit Mine.

The plaque for the ‘Evil’ Lavender Pit.

From the plaque it sounds like he was proud of the great hole in the ground he created, and the engineers today should heed by his example.

To me, it looks like someone raped the planet for a few dollars.

The Lavender Pit.
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Abandoned mailbox.

Random bluff by the side of the road.
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Thorn detail.

After taking the picture above, I turned and found this little man nailed to a cross beside the road.  I enjoy roadside memorials, so I clicked a picture.

A few minutes later, two turns down the curving road, a man wearing a helmet lay on his back surrounded by officers, a motorcycle on it’s side nearby, with an ambulance rounding the corner.

I took the next curve on my motorcycle, and hoped there wasn’t need for another memorial.

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2 Responses to Southern Arizona Photographs

  1. Kristine says:

    Did you happen into the old town section of Bisbee? Very tall, closely laid brick buildings on narrow, hillside streets.
    It’s rather impressive, actually.
    I have some pictures around, somewhere, I’m sure.

    However, the rest of the town is a complete pit of despair.

  2. Iris says:

    Jesus, man. That looks like my definition of a hell hole, but then I have a natural aversion to the desert.

    Here’s the wikipedia article:

    Give me a call when you get back to LA. There is a bottle of gin with your name on it.

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