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Rainy Sunday

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October 12, 2008 Rainy Sunday The ride down from Creel to Hidalgo de Parral was planned for today, but the remnants of the hurricane sauntered through late last night and this morning.  But I am in no hurry, so I wasted the time away.  In the afternoon the sky cleared up somewhat, so I walked […]

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A Day in Creel

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October 11, 2008 A Day in Creel There was a warm shower when I awoke, which was nice because the night before it only a thought of it being warm.  Last night while walking to the bar, Alex the hotel manager said he would give me a map of the area and tell me the […]

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Nuevo Casa Grande to Creel

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October 10, 2008 Nuevo Casa Grande to Creel It was about a 250-mile drive, in California that is 4-5 hours on a motorcycle, in Mexico it is eight hours. In the morning along the open plain with mountains on either side, the roads were small, flat, and straight.  On each side were barbed wire fences […]

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Temporary Home

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The hostel in Zacatecas is beautiful. I have decided to stay here a week or two or three. This is the view from both my miniature decks: The room includes a vintage pedal-wheel sewing machine desk, chair, and my own personal bathroom.  All for 115 USD a week. I will probably wander the city today, […]

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I just arrived in Durango, Not very impressed with this dusty hot city, Was gonna stay here a day, but I think I will head off to Zacatecas tomorrow. I have tons of backed up writing from the last couple days. Hopefully will get to them soon. But now I am going to relax, find […]

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First Day in Mexico

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October 9, 2008. The early morning customs in a small town was pleasant and easy. Once inside Mexico, I had no map of this small town, I did not even know it’s name, and still don’t. I just knew that I needed Hwy 2 east.  First I found a bank and withdrew some money and […]

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Delay from a Dwindling Norbert

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Oct 12, 2008. It is 8:20 Sunday morning and I was to travel south from Creel to Hidalgo de Parral today, but the remnants of Hurricane Norbert are directly overhead.  It rained all night and the sky is black and it continues to drizzle steadily.  I was initially annoyed at the random butterfly’s flapping in […]

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